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MET-One unit for any activity

We use the  metabolic equivalent of task (MET) to make any of your physical activity measurable and aligned with your goals. One MET represents the amount of oxygen consumed by a person who sits for one minute. It allows us to precisely calculate the types of activities that fit you best and make sure your training is tailored to your needs. Additionally to this, based on your performed activities and their volumes we are able to asses how trained and balanced is  each part of your body and how adapted to each training type you are.


Your performance is recorded 

We will evaluate and measure your daily

and weekly fitness progress

Ahead of time

Plan your activities ahead

and the App will make make sure you get them done

Even at the gym

Connect your personal account with your gym workout 

Scan your QR code to the Pixformance Station to start working out in the gym

The results will include collective scores from your gym and personal activities

Get detailed results with your progress and level of performance

Rate your workouts!

Help us improve with you along the way and give you better workouts that suits your needs the most.

Compete for the top!

You can show off your achievements

and see how well you are doing compared to others 

Go premium and have access

to unlimited workout selection!

Our fitness experts curated different workouts to meet your different goals.

You can tone your body or work on your mobilisation. We even have workouts for you to do at the office.

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